Meet Our Team

Chase McLane – Loan Officer

Chase McLane is an experienced and educated Mortgage Professional in Mesa Arizona. Chase believes that each individual client he works with is deserving of his time, attention and selfless service to accomplish their goals and needs. “I feel that there is no reason each of my clients cannot experience and achieve the American dream of homeownership! There is nothing like getting the keys to your own home and I am thrilled I can be a part of that experience.”

Chases vision for each client is that they will have a memorable experience in purchasing their home. He does this by communicating the home loan process and helping his clients to become educated about making financial decisions for their future.

“Homeownership is a big deal. It’s right up there with getting your first car, your wedding day or the birth of your child. If you are serious about improving your life whether that is through buying a home or improving your credit and finances, you’ve come to the right place.”

Phone: (480) 735-4095
NMLS#: 409946 – AZ LO-0923248
Peoples Mortgage: AZ 0904164

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Sarah Glenn – Loan Coordinator

Sarah was born and raised in Idaho, where she lived until graduating from Idaho State University.

Deciding it was time to pick up and go she packed up and went, moving to St. Louis, MO where she began in the mortgage industry with a national mortgage company.

Moving where life and the company took her she has lived in Des Moines, IA, Phoenix, AZ, St Paul, MN and landed back in Boise, ID.

With 14 years in the mortgage industry Sarah is an experienced loan processor and origination assistant.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband David, going to movies and spending time with her family and dog Mindy.

Phone: (480) 360-0532
Fax: (480) 452-0884